Counseling Services

Women’s Counseling: Women’s Resource Center focuses its counseling for victims on:

  • Building self-esteem to enhance feelings of adequacy.
  • Restoring control over one’s situation, renewing hope for the future through the affirmation of the victims abilities to guide and direct their own lives.
  • Developing assertiveness.
  • Reducing feelings and patterns of isolation.
  • Assisting victims in making the abuser accountable and responsible for the violence.
  • Motivating victims to plan and implement a violence-free future for themselves and their children.
  • Learning coping strategies to deal with traumatic events.

Women’s Resource Center counselors either have a Master’s degree or are Masters degree candidates. Many are registered State of California Marriage , Family Therapist (MFT) interns or Licensed Clinical Social Work (LCSW) interns.   Women’s Resource Center counselors have regular on-going clinical supervision from a licensed Marriage, Family Therapist (MFT) in addition to their administrative supervision. This clinical and case supervision includes extensive training in case assessment and therapeutic techniques.

Children’s Counseling: Women’s Resource Center incorporates specialized services for the children of battered women into its programs of service. This program is designed to enhance a child’s adjustment to his or her family’s own situation and to promote violence-free life styles. Women’s Resource Center ‘s counseling programs for children focus on:

  • Assisting the child to obtain clear, simple, accurate information about domestic violence in general and the reality of their own parent’s situation in particular
  • Decreasing any acting out or violent behavior
  • Reducing their feelings of guilt and responsibility for their parent’s situation.

Domestic Violence Perpetrator Program : Women’s Resource Center has been certified by the County of San Diego Adult Probation Department to provide perpetrator education programs since 1989. The program is effective for individuals committed to ending their relationship violence. This 52-week Family Violence Intervention Program (FVIP) has a minimum fee schedule with an upward sliding scale based upon ability to pay. It is designed to address domestic violence through education and therapy and to guide perpetrators toward non-violent, non-abusive methods of thought and action. Most of the attendees are in the program are there due to a Court Order giving them a choice of either attending the program or going to jail. Some of the attendees are self-enrolled, recognizing the fact that they have a problem with using violence in relationships.

FVIP provides general information on the pattern and cycle of domestic violence. It addresses the cyclical and inter-generation nature of violence. The program destroys myths regarding the provocation of and responsibility for violence. During a typical session, clients are encouraged to accept responsibility for their own behavior. They receive help in understanding violence and examine the belief system from which violence evolves. Participants receive practical information on ways to change from violent to non-violent relationship patterns. They are encouraged to work diligently to change their violent behavior by re-building their relationship on a foundation of respect, honesty, accountability and trust.