In-Person Volunteer Response Services

Sexual Assault Response Team (SART): The Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) program is designed to provide emotional support and advocacy to sexual assault victims during the hospital “rape exam”, questioning by law enforcement and beyond. Women’s Resource Center serves the north coastal area. It represents an effective cooperative effort between:

  • Palomar/Pomerado Hospital, North County ‘s designated rape trauma medical center.
  • Social service agencies.
  • Law enforcement

As a part of the Center’s 24-hour crisis line operation, response personnel are “on call” at all times of the day and night. When a sexual assault occurs in north coastal San Diego County , the hospital staff contacts the Center’s crisis line to advise that a victim is in transit to the medical center requesting an advocate response. Upon receiving such a request, a Women’s Resource Center advocate (staff or volunteer) responds immediately to the hospital facility. When the victim arrives at the hospital, each collaborative participant has a clearly defined role with the combined focus being to assist the victim. Hospital personnel conduct the evidence gathering “rape exam”, law enforcement officers interview the victim to elicit specific details about the assault and the perpetrator and Women’s Resource Center personnel provide support, crisis intervention services and advocacy for the victim.

Domestic Violence Volunteer Response Team (DVRT): The Women’s Resource Center ‘s Domestic Violence Response Team work in partnership with local law enforcement to link domestic violence victims and their children to community resources immediately at the point of crisis and beyond. The Oceanside Domestic Violence Response Team works with various hospitals, the Oceanside and Carlsbad Police Departments. The Inland Domestic Violence Response Team works with the sheriff’s department in San Marcos and Vista . The goal of this partnership is to coordinate violence intervention services and to maximize available assistance for families experiencing domestic violence.

A member of each of Women’s Resource Center ‘s Domestic Violence Response Teams is on-call during established hours to ensure the immediate availability of response services to emergency domestic violence crime calls. In the interest of safety, Women’s Resource Center ‘s Domestic Violence Response Team Advocates only respond to secure crime scenes where an officer is present on site. If the officer has to leave the scene and the situation is unsafe or the advocate does not feel comfortable being alone at the site, the advocate leaves with the officer. The primary responsibility of the Domestic Violence Response Team Advocate is to counsel and assist victims, offering initial crisis intervention, facts about domestic violence and information on available shelter, medical, transportation and case management resources. After the advocate has completed the initial crisis intervention assessment with the victim and their child, the advocate arranges to provide follow-up referral and resources to the victim. These follow-up services are provided at Women’s Resource Center ‘s business office. The frequency and scope of these services vary from family to family based on needs and motivations for change.