Do I Need an Attorney?

Every person has the right to represent themselves in court. Final Restraining Order hearings are designed to be done by people representing themselves, and many people do not use attorneys. However, the court system can be confusing and, although you are never required to have an attorney in court, it is always a strong option to get an attorney if you can. This may be especially true if you are also going to be seeking a divorce,  if there are unresolved child custody issues,  if your abuser gets an attorney, or if your safety concerns don’t allow you to leave anything to chance.

If you decide not to retain an attorney to represent you, but you would still like to speak with an attorney before going to court for a Final Restraining Order hearing, then you can call the North San Diego County Lawyer Referral Service at (760) 758-4755. You can visit their website at: The Lawyer Referral Service is a nonprofit public service. It is the only California State Bar Certified Lawyer Referral Service sponsored by the Northern San Diego County Bar Association since 1982. It is specifically designed to direct you to an experienced, qualified North County attorney for your legal needs.  Many attorneys will consult with potential clients for free.