Restraining Orders

Domestic violence can appear in many different forms. For example, name calling, belittling and controlling behavior are often forms of domestic violence. However, even though there may in fact be domestic violence behavior going on, in order to justify the need for a domestic violence temporary restraining order (TRO), there are specific grounds that must be present in order for a judge to approve the TRO.

The following are not, by themselves, sufficient grounds for a domestic violence restraining order:

  • The police or some other agency told you that you need a restraining order.
  • The person sought to be restrained drinks too much or uses illegal drugs.
  • The person sought to be restrained yells at you a lot, calls you names, or swears in front of the children.
  • The person to be restrained “keyed” your car.
  • The person to be restrained is stealing money from you.