Prevention Services

A major emphasis of the battle in preventing family violence is spreading knowledge. The public must know that domestic violence is not sanctioned and is not a private matter. It is a criminal offense. Potential victims need to be told of ways to protect themselves; potential abusers must learn to deal constructively with the problems common in relationships; and, children need to learn that violence in the home is not an ordinary way to treat another person or to solve problems.

Women’s Resource Center has provided community prevention education and outreach services since 1978. These programs are based on pro-active strategies designed to increase community understanding about domestic violence and sexual assault and enhance the community’s ability to respond appropriately to these issues. Working together our mission is to stop further violence.

Community/School Education/Training Presentations: These programs are provided to inform the community about the dynamics of domestic violence and sexual assault, expand knowledge of available resources and develop prevention attitudes and strategies. To date, the Center has provided over 6,500 community education presentations to more than 150,000 adults and children. Women’s Resource Center’s basic prevention education curricula for both domestic violence and sexual assault programs provides a solid basis from which to develop individualized approaches which ensure that all presentations are relevant to the audience at hand, but still communicate the standardized materials critical to any prevention education session. For domestic violence presentations, all Women’s Resource Center ‘s community education programs have the following basic age-appropriate content:

  • Dynamics of domestic violence
  • Myths and facts surrounding domestic violence
  • The impact of domestic violence on victims and their families
  • The trans-generation cycle of violence
  • Alternatives to violence
  • Services available to victims and abusers

For sexual assault presentations, age-appropriate content encompasses:

  • Dynamics of sexual assault
  • Myths and facts surrounding sexual assault
  • Who is vulnerable to sexual assault
  • The impact of sexual assault and rape on victims and their families
  • Services available to victims and their families.

Each program also incorporates information on sexual assault prevention.

Community Involvement : In a constant effort to raise community awareness of the issue of domestic violence, Women’s Resource Center representatives and Board members are active in local civic groups (such as Rotary and Soroptimist), neighborhood watches, regional task forces, community organizations (such as the Oceanside Health Care Advisory Council to the Tri City Medical Center Board of Trustees, Partners for Healthy Neighborhoods, etc.), and local Chambers of Commerce (currently represented as a member on the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors). This community involvement helps to keep the Center and its mission and keeps domestic violence and sexual assault concerns ever present in the public eye.