Volunteers are the mainstays of the services provided by Women’s Resource Center . Women’s Resource Center is supported by over 170 active community volunteers. Their compassionate involvement allows us to offer a wide variety of services to clients and their families that would otherwise be unavailable.

Specialized Volunteer Positions Available

Hotline Volunteer

Provide crisis intervention, information and referrals as well as empathic listening to callers on our 24-hour crisis hotline. Volunteers are expected to provide approximately two shifts per month.

Rape Crisis Volunteer

Provide in-person hospital response and telephone crisis intervention, advocacy, support and information to victims of sexual assault and/or their families and friends. Volunteers are expected to provide approximately two shifts per month.


Provide group and/or individual therapy for clients. This position requires a graduate or post-graduate degree. A licensed clinical supervisor provides supervision. Volunteers will establish their schedules in consultation with their respective supervisors.

FVIP Program Volunteer

Provide various assistance to program staff, perpetrators and victims in the Family Violence Prevention Program. Volunteers will establish their schedules in consultation with their respective supervisors.

Children’s Services Volunteer

Provide supervision, individual attention and activities to children residing at our shelter or transitional housing.

Shelter Volunteer

Provide support to the staff and residents in the form of paperwork assistance, crisis intervention and referrals.

Mentors for Children

Adult males and females provide a positive role model for the children in our residential programs.  Mentors meet with the child on site at WRC for 1 hour a week.  The program requires a 9 month minimum commitment.

Special Projects Volunteer

Provide assistance with various fundraisers, speaking engagements, informational fairs, repair work and specialized program such as the Thanksgiving Basket Program and Santa Program as well as various other jobs needed by staff.

Thrift Store Volunteer

Support the Thrift Store Manager with sorting donations, helping customers, ringing sales and interacting with customers.

Prospective Volunteer Requirements


  • Male or female
  • Age 18 and over (in some instances, for specific placements, we will accept under 18 years of age).
  • A strong desire to assist clients

Volunteers need not have prior experience with domestic violence or sexual assault issues, but must be capable of understanding these phenomena and their impact on relationships, the participants and their families.


In addition to receiving up-to-the-minute instructions in a variety of social service skills, volunteers will have the opportunity to work directly with clients in crisis. This experience can provide a crucial early method for volunteers to evaluate potential career choices and paths.

Women’s Resource Center will offer additional specialized growth opportunities to volunteers who exhibit exceptional talent in the area of client services. Agency employment opportunities will be announced first to active volunteers.

There will be opportunities for social interaction with staff and other volunteers at such events as the annual Volunteer Appreciation and Recognition party, the annual Christmas party and a divergent choice of other social event.

Volunteer Training

It is critical that all volunteers rendering advice or assistance to victims of domestic violence or sexual abuse do so with the knowledge and confidence that their interactions are confidential and protected. Volunteers will attend a personal conference with the Volunteer Coordinator during their training. At this conference, concerns and potential problems as well as personal history will be the topics of discussion. Women’s Resource Center’s “Sexual Assault Advocate” and “Domestic Violence Counselor” training ­is comprised of a total of 65 hours for the initial training. Volunteer also attend one in-service training per month.

Each session of the program focuses on one major topic including sessions on:

  • Child abuse
  • Victims’ legal rights
  • Sexual abuse and assault
  • Child protective services
  • Drug and alcohol issues
  • Dynamics of domestic violence
  • Depression, suicide
  • Law enforcement and domestic violence
  • Crisis intervention
  • Hotline role playing
  • Hospital procedures
  • Post traumatic stress
  • Shelter resources
  • Domestic violence intervention techniques
  • Prevention techniques
  • Cultural and sexual-orientation issues
  • Recognizing personal biases
  • Rape trauma
  • Teen sexual abuse
  • Spouse rape

All trainers are experienced in their fields of expertise and have extensive knowledge on domestic violence and sexual assault issues. Outside presenters are assigned by the community entity they represent. Private therapists who provide training are licensed professionals who have demonstrated, through a minimum of five years clinical experience, and have knowledge of domestic violence and sexual assault issues. The staff of the Women’s Resource Center that teach the training program have an expertise in the particular topic under discussion. Training completion is mandatory before providing direct services to clients.

If you are interested in being a WRC volunteer, or have any questions please contact:

Andrea Cason – Volunteer Coordinator


(760) 547- 8817