Camp Forward


We invite you to participate in Camp Forward. By joining in the fun, you will support the healing and recovery of the children at WRC after the disruption and isolation posed by the Covid-19 pandemic. It has been an unprecedented and challenging time for everyone. But for the children residing at WRC’s facilities, being socially isolated and attending school via a screen for almost a year now, it has been especially difficult.

Our fundraising focus is to provide additional funds for tutoring and therapy for the children as they push forward towards resuming normal activities. Their academics and emotional wellbeing have been compromised and your support will increase their success by providing additional in-person tutoring and counseling for them. This opportunity will be available during the month of May and we hope you will recognize the need through your generous donation.

Your generous gift has the potential to provide for any of the following support for our children:


= 30 minutes of in-person tutoring


= 60 minutes of in-person tutoring


= replenishing art therapy supplies

We hope you take a moment to watch the Friends’ video available during the month of May, which illustrates exactly what your donations have provided for the children. It is pretty amazing and worth a moment to see!



Camp Forward

You can make a significant and specific difference in the lives of our children residing at WRC by providing a sponsorship at one of the levels below:

  • $5,000 Enhanced Learning Tech-savvy Lounge to meet their schooling, counseling and social needs
  • $2,500 Tutoring Individual tutoring sessions (Appx.40) for children (Levels K-12)
  • $1,000 Counseling Provides Appx. 4 children with therapeutic counseling for One month
  • $500 Therapeutic Activities Study Program and Activities for school breaks (per child) Examples: Enrollment in Youth Soccer for 6 children and Enrollment in Youth Baseball for 4 children
  • $250 Enrichment Program Dance, Art, Music & Sports Parenting class for 1 month for 1 adult Weekly classes for 1 month for one child Replenish supplies Quarterly for Art Therapy program

Friends of WRC appreciates the generous support from our following sponsors!

Friends of WRC appreciates the generous support from our following sponsors!