Crisis Intervention

Crisis Intervention: Women’s Resource Center ‘s crisis intervention services are time-limited and respond to a precipitating event which the client has defined as a “crisis”. Crisis intervention involves the exploration of alternatives and resources. It focuses on rebuilding the client’s problem-solving skills and self-esteem. Crisis intervention services at the Women’s Resource Center are available 24-hours-a-day either in-person and/or by telephone.

Crisis Telephone Hotline: To ensure that victims are effectively linked 24-hours a day to comprehensive domestic violence services, Women’s Resource Center offers a 24-hour crisis hotline to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault since 1974. Agency statistics consistently show that over 50% of Center clients first contact the agency via this lifeline. Through one central telephone number, Women’s Resource Center ‘s rotating telephone lines allow multiple hotline call assistance. These lines are answered by the Women’s Resource Center ‘s staff and volunteers.

The crisis hotline number is (760) 757-3500 — 24 hours a day, seven days a week.