52 Week Court Ordered Classes

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WRC has been certified by the County of San Diego Adult Probation Department to provide perpetrator education programs since 1989. The 52-week Court ordered classes, often called the Family Violence Intervention Program (FVIP) is designed to address domestic violence through education and therapy and to guide perpetrators toward non-violent, non-abusive methods of thought and action. Most of the attendees in the program are there due to a Court Order giving them a choice of either attending the program or going to jail. Some of the attendees are self-enrolled, recognizing the fact that they have a problem with using violence in relationships.

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FVIP provides general information on the pattern and cycle of domestic violence. It addresses the cyclical and intergenerational nature of violence. The program destroys myths regarding the provocation of and responsibility for violence. During a typical session, clients are encouraged to accept responsibility for their own behavior. They receive help in understanding violence and examine the belief system from which violence evolves. Participants receive practical information on ways to change from violent to nonviolent relationship patterns. They are encouraged to work diligently to change their violent behavior.

WRC 52 Week Court Ordered Classes


Please read instructions below carefully, it contains important information on how to enroll in the 52 Week Court Ordered Classes (FVIP) at WRC. Please note we ONLY provide Level One domestic violence classes.

Enrollment into our program is a two step process. Step one includes completing the program intake paperwork, paying the non-refundable $65 enrollment fee, and scheduling your individual enrollment interview.


  • You will need to come into our office to fill out the program intake paperwork. The paperwork can take up to one hour to complete, we recommend coming in no later than 4pm. This packet must be completed by you in our office and picture identification is required to complete your enrollment packet. The packet CANNOT leave our office. It must be completed during our office hours.
  • If you are court ordered to attend this program you will be required to provide us with a copy of your court papers/docket. Your court documents MUST be provided when you come to fill out your intake paperwork or we cannot schedule your individual enrollment appointment. If you are voluntarily entering group classes no court documents are needed.
  • Once you have completed the intake paperwork, presented your ID, and hand in your court documents. You will schedule your individual enrollment interview with the receptionist. It is best if this appointment occurs prior to your to your next scheduled court date. Appointment dates and times for your enrollment interview vary and are limited to availability of the program facilitator. We will not schedule enrollment appointments specifically to ensure you enroll before your next court date.
  • The $65 intake fee is due IN FULL at the time you fill out your intake paperwork. This fee does NOT enroll you into the program. You will be given proof of enrollment only after the individual enrollment interview is complete. If your next court date is before your scheduled enrollment interview, upon request, the receptionist may provide you with a “Proof of Contact” form to verify your completion of Step 1. Please Note: There are no refunds for the intake appointment fee. If you fail to show up for your scheduled enrollment appointment OR for other reasons are not accepted into the program you will NOT receive a refund of the $65. If you need to cancel your scheduled enrollment appointment you must call during our business hours to cancel at least 24 hours before your appointment date and time.


  • Enrollment interview. You MUST attend your scheduled enrollment interview appointment to be considered enrolled in the program. Only after you have attended the one hour interview will you officially be enrolled in the 52 Week Court Ordered Program (FVIP) and can begin your 2 hour weekly classes.There is a weekly group fee of $35 (per class). If you are unable to afford your weekly fee you may discuss payment concessions with your program facilitator. No fee decrease is guaranteed. Fee decreases are made at the discretion of the program facilitator.

Location: 1963 Apple Street,
Oceanside, CA 92054
Hours: Monday- Friday 9am-5pm

Location: 1963 Apple Street,
Oceanside, CA 92054
Hours: Monday- Friday 9am-5pm


Below are the current weekly group schedules for our 52 week Court Ordered program. Please note: Group availability is dependent upon number of attendees. Groups can be full due to a high number of participants, therefore not all group times may be available at the time of your enrollment.


Men’s Group 5.30pm-7.30pm

Men’s Spanish Speaking Group 6pm-8pm


Women’s Group 2.30pm-4.30pm

Men’s Group 6pm-8pm


Women’s Spanish Speaking Group 9am-11am


Women’s Group 9am-11am

Men’s Group 12pm-2pm

Call Our Toll-Free 24-Hour Domestic Violence Crisis Hotline

(760) 757-3500