Women’s Resource Center (WRC)  is dedicated to providing the highest quality supportive services, counseling, shelter and education to North San Diego County women, children and men involved in or threatened by domestic violence or sexual assault.

Rebuilding Lives

Women’s Resource Center assists its clients in healing so that they can:

BUILD: their dignity, self esteem and confidence.
LEARN: that what has happened is not their fault.
KNOW: that they and their children have a safe haven.
FEEL RELIEF: from the fear of physical, verbal and emotional abuse.
FIND OUT: that someone understands their problems and that there are solutions.
HOPE: by learning that they can make different, better choices in the future.

Core Values

Women’s Resource Center’s Core Values support the organization’s mission and drive agency programs:

*  Domestic violence and sexual assault are always wrong and must be stopped.

*  These crimes impact the entire community and the c0mmunity has a moral obligation to take ownership of the problem and its solutions.

*  Everyone has a right to live in a violence-free home where they are treated with respect and dignity.

*  Victims can be empowered to enhance their lives.

Vision Statement

The goal of Women’s Resource Center is outlined in the agency’s Vision Statement:  “Women’s Reource Center is the recognized leader in providing quality, compassionate, innovate services to families affected by domestic violence and sexual assault.  Through Women’s Resource Center’s education of future generations, victim empowerment and community awareness, we will create an environment where domestic violence and sexual assault are neither tolerated nor accepted.”