Women’s Resource Center Legacy Society

We are excited to share a way in which you can support WRC’s endowment fund and allow the programs we offer to the public to continue and grow.  Karen Bond is a Board Member of Women’s Resource Center and the current chair of the Women’s Resource Center Legacy Society.  She has been gracious enough to share how and why she became a Legacy member.

The Women’s Resource Center Legacy Society appealed to me as an opportunity to continue my passion for the care of victims of domestic violence.

I have always been intrigued by ways to make my efforts or donations to multiply, as well as heal. To know that I can continue my interests after my time here is complete seems a natural part of my estate planning.

My children know they’re loved and cared for and provided for when I’m gone.  It is important to me to have them know that we have an obligation to care for others, and that my life might make a difference.

There are many ways to accomplish your continued giving and legacy building.

Including WRC in your will with a percentage of your estate is one way, protecting yourself  and your heirs against the waves of our economic future.  Assigning a specific piece of property is another simple way.  We are fortunate enough to have Colleen O’Harra to assist with any legal documents to include in your paperwork or will. I chose to maximize my donation through a life insurance policy. I made a designated donation to WRC for this policy, this is a tax deductible gift for me now.  The longer I live, the more WRC receives after I’m gone.

It would be wonderful to see an end to domestic violence in my liftetime, but unfortunately, that does not seem possible.  So the care and support of the victims seem an ongoing need.

I hope you will join me in considering the Legacy Society as a logical and natural part of your estate planning.

-Karen Bond

If you are interested in becoming a member or have more questions about the Legacy Society or any other type of charitable giving please call our Development Director Lauren Jane 760-547-8803.

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