How does the Purple Purse Challenge work and how can you help WRC win?

The Purple Purse Challenge is a fundraising competition put together by the AllState Foundation.  It is an opportunity for domestic violence organizations all over the United States to spread awareness of financial abuse, receive donations, and additional cash prizes all at once.  This year will feature Serena Williams as the Purple Purse ambassador for the first time.  She has worked with AllState to design the unique purse and has been speaking out against financial abuse in recent months.  Financial abuse is the largest obstacle that most of the victims of domestic violence must overcome when they face leaving their situation.  Canceling credit cards, emptying a joint bank account, showing up to their place of work and creating such a problem the employer let’s them go are all ways the abuser will use to control the finances.  The Purple Purse Challenge brings this often invisible form of abuse to light.

This will be WRC’s third year in the  competition and we are looking forward to adding new advocates into our arsenal against domestic violence.  Last year with the help of the Bonus Challenges WRC was able to double our take home amount and land in the top 20 of Division I teams.  This year we hope to inch our way to the top 7 for Grand Prize winnings.  In order to do this we need your help.  The competition isn’t about asking for thousands of dollars it is about large amounts of people donating tens of dollars that will add up to the thousands. Join our challenge at

WRC will be very active in promoting the Purple Purse Challenge on Facebook and Twitter and we encourage you to follow us so you can stay updated on all the Challenge news.  As an added bonus, all those who join our Purple Purse Challenge and donate $20 will be given two purse charms.  One for you and one to share with someone you know.  And now to the Purple Purse…. valued at $400 and made from genuine itallian leather designed by Serena Williams.

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